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About Us

ROADSIGNS USA was created to join with participating tractor trailer fleet owners and utilize the unused space on their trailers for advertising messaging. This dynamic outdoor medium in a “rolling” format has proven to be a more overall effective form of outdoor advertising with greater viewer recall. Our fleet partners who travel a nationwide “grid” of comprehensive, highly traveled interstate routes are seen in both rural and metro areas. It is our mission to be an incredible cost/value proposition for our ad partners while satisfying fleet owners with incremental income and no out-of-pocket investment.

For Fleets

There are more than 350,000 outdoor billboards in the United States. Advertising rates depend on visibility, traffic counts and sometimes demographics at each location. Traffic counts are usually audited or estimated numbers of vehicles and pedestrians who pass by each billboard monthly.

Outdoor billboards are available in a variety of sizes. But, any billboard’s value is primarily based on the number of people who can see it. Those numbers of possible viewers per month are considered the number of “IMPRESSIONS.

Clutter is often a concern to advertisers with standard outdoor billboard, making it difficult for ads to stand out in the crowd. It is all about location, location, location.

Now, there’s a new location. ROADSIGNS!

Just like many buses which have become elaborate, eye-catching rolling billboards, RoadsignsUSA COMMAND Attention because they DO stand out in a crowd!

Beautiful color graphics are printed on UV protected vinyl and attached to trailers using a patented lightweight, durable and colorfast technology. It is quick to apply and quick to remove. But, built to last...for the “long haul.”

A recent study indicated that moving billboards are twice as likely to be noticed and remembered than typical non-moving outdoor, the opportunity for trailers to carry more than typical cargo on the inside by also carrying ad messages on the outside are a potentially lucrative new “cargo.” It represents INCREMENTAL income, because there is no additional expense, no investment, no maintenance or liability. Fleet owners will also maintain the right of approval of all ads used on their fleet trailers.

We also respect and make sure that your fleet logo is protected, and, in many cases made even more prominent as we either frame our ads around your fleet logo, or include it within the trailer ad graphics. Either way, your company name...your brand, is both respected and protected...and will even be noticed more frequently because of the eye-catching graphics on the trailer.

There are nearly 2 million tractor trailers in use throughout the U.S. We partner with trucking fleets that travel targeted highways nationally. The advertiser revenue is calculated based on the estimated number of vehicles that pass by each trailer during daylight hours, monthly. That revenue is then generously shared by RoadsignsUSA with Fleet Owners.

Each trailer advertisement utilizes both sides of the selected trailers, and also the back of the trailer, if order to give advertisers nearly 360 degree visibility...and more ad space than most outdoor billboards.

Our ad rates to our advertiser partners are aggressively low but fair for everyone...not only do we maintain a low cost per impression for ad partners, we only include passing cars, no multiple passengers, and we don’t include any pedestrian viewership in our impression counts. Our number one goal is to be an incredible value for our advertising partners. That way, we can better ensure long-term commitments from our ad partners, which means less frequent need to change out ads.

We would like to share more information about this opportunity with you in detail, and determine if RoadsignsUSA is a perfect fit for your fleet.

Consider us as additional cargo and revenue...without any hassles of loading and unloading...while bringing more attention to your trailers and your brand as exciting, new rolling billboards. Transport more than what’s loaded inside your trailers. Transport “messages” on the outside as well.

Pilot Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet Owners

Are there any costs for me as a fleet owner?


Is the trailer wrapped with a vinyl decal?

NO. A durable lightweight frame is applied to each side of the trailer and a patented graphic canvas system is inserted into the frame for ease of application and removal.

How often are ads changed?

Minimum contracts are 1 year for each ad partner.

What if I don’t want a particular ad on my trailers? Can I refuse certain ads on my trailers?

Yes. Fleet owners have the right to deny any ad they consider unacceptable.

What is my compensation?

Roadsigns USA shares equally the revenues from it’s ad partners with the fleet owners.


How are traffic counts (number of impressions) calculated?

All routes are estimated based on typical DOT travel data and coordinated with GPS daylight travel per truck/trailer.

Are multiple passengers in passing traffic included in the impression count?

NO. We only count each passing vehicle as ONE impression, giving advertisers added value.

Are vehicles passed when trucks are off interstates included in the impression counts?

NO. As an additional value to our advertisers, we do not include any viewership while trucks are traveling off interstates for their pick ups and deliveries. Much of such travel is significant, so the additional impressions are a great added value.

Is there a minimum trailer order?

The minimum order of number of trailers is 15.

Is there a minimum length of trailer order?

YES. The minimum number of months is 12.


ROADSIGNS USA truck routes are primarily interstate highways covering rural areas and major metros throughout the contiguous United States. All additional secondary and State Highway travel associated with the interstate fleet routes are not included in the advertiser “impression” counts. That offers our advertisers additional significant viewership and value.

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